DARKWING DUCK #1 CVR ZI 10 COPY FOC INCV FORSTNER B&W 01/04/2023) (01/11/2023) (01/25/2023)

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(W) Deibert, Amanda (A) Lauro, Carlo (C) Forstner, Trish
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He is the terror that flaps in the night…He is the ferocious fowl who plucks the evil eye from the face of foul play…He is Darkwing Duck! Alongside his trusty sidekick Lauchpad McQuack- Darkwing hyper-vigilantly defends St. Canard from the dastardly- devilish demons who would wage wanton war! By night- our caped defender lurks in the shadows- striking fear (and maybe confusion?) in the heart of the criminal underworld…but by day- no one suspects that Darkwing is also mild-mannered Drake Mallard- a well-meaning father to his adorable adopted daughter- Gosalyn! Can Darkwing successfully navigate his two separate lives- all while looking incredibly cool and impossibly handsome? (Hint: Probably not- but…) You'll have to read to find out!

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