Seance in the Asylum #2 (CVR B) (Francesco Francavilla) CB (08/28/2024)

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Seance in the Asylum #2 (CVR B) (Francesco Francavilla) (W) Clay McLeod Chapman (A) Andrea Mutti (CA) Francesco Francavilla (C) Andrea Mutti Carl, a comatosed soldier suffering from combat fatigue, hasn’t spoken a word in years. But thanks to Alicia’s séance, he has finally awoken out from his war-torn stupor. But something is different about him. Something has changed. Not only is he not acting like himself, he appears to be someone else altogether. He seems to be… possessed? But by who? Unnerved by the success of her own seances, Alicia confesses to Dr. Templeton of her fraudulence. It’s all a lie, she says. Templeton won’t hear it. He blackmails her to continue. But the newly-revived Carl has plans of his own . . .  • Author Clay McLeod Chapman and renowned comics artist, Andrea Mutti, team up for a horrific and creepy comics series! Rated T

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