Dawnrunner #5 (CVR D) (1:10) (Foil) (B&W) (Evan Cagle)[1:10] (07/24/2024)

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Dawnrunner #5 (CVR D) (1:10) (Foil) (B&W) (Evan Cagle) (W) Ram V (A) Evan Cagle (CA) Evan Cagle (C) Dave Stewart All things must evolve! Anita and Dawnrunner, driven by their stories, have changed into something unforeseen as they make their stand against The Prime. But in their transcendence lies the potential for both hope and despair. As the true motivation of monsters both alien and homegrown comes to light, sacrifices must be made to protect the ones you love. Written by Ram V, drawn by Evan Cagle, colored by Dave Stewart, and lettered by Aditya Bidikar. • Series finale!

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