LIFE #2 (OF 6) CVR A DANIJEL ZEZELJ (MR) (10/09/2024)

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Brian Azzarrello, Stephanie Phillips
Danijel Zezelj, Lee Loughridge
Danijel Zezelj
THE HIT SCI-FI series from DSTLRY continues! Writers Brian Azzarello (THE BLOOD BROTHERS MOTHER, 100 Bullets) and Stephanie Phillips (Grim, Harley Quinn) team up with artist Danijel Zezelj (Nostalgia) & colorist Lee Loughridge (Deadly Class) to create a masterfully crafted flip book, housing two enthralling stories in one! Infamous thief Bobby Flame and his crew meet an unexpected hurdle while trying to rob a former prison planet… the prisoners are still alive more than 200 years later and immortality is not all that it’s cracked up to be! Ravaged by time, the prisoners look like the monsters they were always accused of being, and they want Bobby’s spaceship. With a way off the planet finally presenting itself after centuries, CJ and the other prisoners will stop at nothing to gain their freedom. LIFE is presented as a flip book, housing one story from two different points of view. A prison break and a heist both offer interlocking narratives, creating an immersive experience that will challenge your perceptions of justice while begging the immortal question, “Who really wants to live forever?” Every single issue from DSTLRY is presented in our perfect bound Prestige format, featuring wraparound covers with spot gloss on robust cover stock, complemented by 48 pages of exquisite interior stock. It’s the DSTLRY difference. For fans of ALIENS, OCEAN’S ELEVEN, GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY.

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