Marvel Incredible Records HC (08/14/2024)

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Marvel Incredible Records
(W) Melanie Scott; Adam Bray; Lorraine Cink; John Sazaklis; Sven Wilson
Become a Marvel Comics trivia expert with the most mind-boggling records and stats.How many suits does Iron Man have? How fast can Captain America run? Did you know that the Hulk once caught a mountain range weighing 150 billion tons? Or that Black Widow’s electric bolts have a maximum charge of 30,000 volts?Discover Moon Girl’s amazing intelligence, Spider-Man’s incredible agility, and much more. With stunning illustrations and fascinating facts, Marvel World Records is a must-have for any young Marvel fan! Packed with incredible feats and records from the heroes and villains of Marvel Comics, from the strongest and speediest to the most powerful and cunning, and containing stats and information from the popular Marvel Absolutely Everything You Need to Know, this book will wow young fans.© 2023 MARVEL

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