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(W) Jon Gilmour (A) Steven Cummings
Designed by Jon Gilmour and based on the comic series by Jim Zub & Steven Cummings, Wayward is a cooperative game for 1 to 5 players. Each player takes on the role of a teenager with newly found supernatural abilities, fighting for their own survival and to prevent the Weave, the hidden threads of power and destiny that guide our world, from unraveling. Choose one of five different scenarios to play, each with unique rules, components, and win conditions, then work together to defeat swarms of Yokai and shut down their places of
Key Selling Features
- A cooperative threat management game based on the popular comic series
- Includes 5 unique scenarios with unique objectives
- Game design from Jon Gilmour (Dead of Winter; Dinosaur Island)
Game design by Jon Gilmour / Art by Steven Cummings, Tamra Bonvillain, and Tony Vargas

Game Content:
5 Character Sheets
5 Scenario Sheets
5 Character Standees
5 Standee Bases
1 Gashadokuro Boss Token
1 Genkuro Boss Token
1 Tsuchigumo Boss Token
27 Kitsune Tokens
5 Kitsune Reference Tokens
49 Dice Tokens
6 Proxy Tokens
1 Upgrade Point Tracking Token
39 Counter Action Tiles
65 Jorogumo Influence Tiles
52 Event Cards
30 Green Yokai Cards
30 Blue Yokai Cards
30 Red Yokai Cards
30 Item Cards
23 Tracking Cubes
8 White Yokai Attack Dice
7 Yellow Yokai Attack Dice
6 Black Yokai Attack Dice
1 Game Board
1 Weave Board
1 Rulebook
Ages: 14+
No. of Players: 1 - 5
Game Length: 60 min.
Type of Game: Cooperative / Threat Management
Manufacturer: IDW Publishing, LLC.

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