The Kingdoms of Ruin Vol. 7 (11/29/2023)

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The Kingdoms of Ruin Vol. 7
(W) Yoruhashi
THE BEWITCHING BEAUTY OF QUEEN DOROTHEATogether, Adonis and Doroka prevailed over Redia's cybernetic assassin--but they didn't make it through the fight unscathed. Both of Doroka's eyes were brutally torn out, and Adonis has sworn a bitter vow to see her vision restored, no matter what it takes. Leading his companion by the hand with the flame of vengeance burning in his heart, his journey draws him inevitably towards a conflict with the Queen of Redia. She's obsessed with Adonis for mysterious reasons of her own, and with the help of her loyal subjects, she prepares a new scheme to finally get her hands on the witch's apprentice...

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