NEW MUTANTS 25 TAN VARIANT [1:25] (04/20/2022) (04/27/2022) (05/04/2022) (05/11/2022) (05/18/2022)

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(W) Vita Ayala (A) Rod Reis (CA) Leinil Yu
THE LABORS OF MAGIK START HERE! The big two-five is here - and it's the perfect jumping-on point for fans new and old! Illyana Rasputin is the Sorcerer Supreme and the rightful queen of Limbo…but she's been awfully busy on Krakoa. Someone's got their eye on the throne - and Magik isn't the only queen in mutantdom. Vita Ayala and Rod Reis rekindle an old flame for a whole new generation of Magik lovers

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