D&D Adventure: Dungeons & Dragons vs Rick & Morty

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The worlds greatest roleplaying game meets televisions most dysfunctional family! What could possibly go wrong? Coming this fall, D&D has partnered with Adult Swim to bring this boxed set blending the world of Dungeons & Dragons with the mad narcissistic genius of Rick Sanchezs power-gaming sensibilities, and it includes everything a Dungeon Master needs to channel their inner mad scientist and run a rickrolling adventure for up to 5 players, levels 1 to 3.

- 64-Page rulebook
- 32-Page original adventure
- Four-pane folding Dungeon Master's screen
- 5 pre-generated character sheets for characters levels 1-3:
- Keth Silverson: Morty's Half-Orc Rogue
- Ari Strongbow: Summer's Half-Elf Fighter
- Kiir Bravian: Jerry's Half-Elf Wizard
- Lyan Amaranthia: Beth's Elven Cleric
- Maximum Meat Shield: (a ridiculously cliche) Human Fighter
- 11 polyhedral dice
- 2 d20
- 1 d12
- 2 d10
- 1 d8
- 4 d6
- 1 d4

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