Krosmaster Arena Dofus Goultard Control Figure 4-Pack #8

ANKAMASKU: dofusshak



Figurines that move from your hand to your screen to take part in titanic battles...
Virtual avatars that you collect on and in the games DOFUS and WAKFU...
59 heroes from across the ages, ready to fight on the same battlefield...
Find all this and more in Krosmaster! Group your figurines according to their strengths, put together a team that rocks and fight your way onto the winners' podium in Krosmaster Arena, online and in a real-life board game!
There are 59 real figurines that you can find in shops or at special events. With them, you can play whenever, wherever, whether it's at home on a real game board, or online using the codes that come with each figurine!

- 4 Minimaps Playable Solo or with a Friend
- Fully compatible with Krosmaster Arena board game!

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