C.O.R.E. Warband




Fearless, painless robots, CORE soldiers are tireless, industrial war machines.

The robotic warriors built by the C.O.R.E. are hot off the A.I.’s production lines and out performing their prime directives – search, destroy and expand. The hub of this arm of the artificial threat is the Nexus, a remote extension of the C.O.R.E. AI’s central processor and one of its most independent lieutenants. By its side is the TB-13. Its precise manipulator talons are an agile and deadly reminder of how mankind leaned on robots. “She” contrasts the hulking saw-armed Rend and its two laboring Menial Bots, who are designed for brutal force in the name of the C.O.R.E.

All miniatures require assembly and painting.

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