BUNNY MASK #2 CVR B MAKE MASK 1:15 (7/14/2021)




Life explodes around Tyler Severin as depictions of Bunny Mask begin eerily appearing in his life - even as the strange and deadly creature herself walks the earth once more. Meanwhile, as Tyler's relationship with Bee accelerates, he begins hearing the voice of the Snitch whispering everyone's darkest secrets, forcing Tyler to question if Leo Foster, Bee's crazy father, was truly crazy after all...or simply the tormented holder of secrets no man should ever know.

Retailers who order 15 copies of BUNNY MASK #2 (cover A) by FOC may order 1 FREE Make-Your-Own-Bunny-Mask variant (Cover B) and purchase up to 5 additional copies at $4.99 each, minus their standard discount. The number of incentive covers per store is capped at six (6).

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