BELIT & VALERIA #4 CVR E 10 COPY INCV VIRGIN (MR) (08/24/2022) (08/31/2022)

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(W) Bemis, Max (A) Buchemi, Rodney (C) Fiumara, Seba
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ROBERT E. HOWARD'S HYBORIAN AGE UNLEASHED! See its true skull-cracking nature- its unrestrained blood-splattering violence- mayhem- and sexuality! Two she-pirates- one recently dead- and the other less than willing are all that stands between chaos and order. Bêlit and Valeria take their crew across Hyperborea to stop the wizards and magicians that are threatening the realm in an attempt to contact the god responsible for Bêlit's reemergence- but the quest takes a detour when she feels the need to prove herself. And now what was an adventure may turn into a suicide mission!

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