Before You Discard Me, I Shall Have My Way With You (Manga) Vol. 2 TPB (08/28/2024)

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Before You Discard Me, I Shall Have My Way With You (Manga) Vol. 2 (W) Takako Midori (A) Selen (CT) Mami Surada A SPICY ROMANTIC DRAMA ABOUT A WOMAN SCORNED AND A PRINCE TOO STUBBORN TO ADMIT HIS FEELINGS!Agnès has had enough from her ex-fiancé, Lucilleur, and his lover, Lilie. In despair, she throws herself off the balcony—with Lucilleur hot on her heels, saving her life by risking his. However, when Agnès wakes up from her fall, the heroic Lucilleur is gone, replaced by an obstinate prince who demands she marry him. Agnès, every bit as stubborn as he is, refuses to be a political pawn and rejects him. Left with no other options, Lucilleur magically binds himself to her. But will his feelings get through to Agnès, or will their bedroom activities force these two to finally be honest with each other? Kids to Adults

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