You've Got Mail: The Perils of Pigeon Post - Fei Ge Jiao You Xu Jin Shen (Novel) Vol. 1 TPB Explicit Content (08/28/2024)

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You've Got Mail: The Perils of Pigeon Post - Fei Ge Jiao You Xu Jin Shen (Novel) Vol. 1 (W) Blackegg This Mature-rated danmei/Boys’ Love novel series originally released in Chinese–and coming to the English language for the first time–is a raunchy romantic comedy about an ancient singles club!It's not easy for a man pushing forty to meet other gay men within the bustling Great Xia Dynasty. That is, until the perpetually-single Wu Xingzi catches wind of The Peng Society for Gentleman—a top secret club for men to meet each other and perhaps even exchange lewd ink drawings of their personal anatomy via pigeon post.What was once a faraway dream for Wu Xingzi has quickly become his new purpose in life: to collect as many shockingly detailed phallic illustrations as he can!There's just one problem. His favorite specimen belongs, in the flesh, to the notorious Guan Shanjin, a man of ill repute who is intent on thrusting himself into Wu Xingzi's world. Will their encounters become too hot for Wu Xingzi to handle? Or will they find themselves both coming back for more?The Seven Seas English-language edition of this Mature-rated novel will feature uncensored text and exclusive new art. Explicit Content

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