Best of EC Artisan Edition (09/14/2022)

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Best of EC Artisan Edition
(A) Wally Wood; Harvey Kurtzman; Jack Davis; Graham Ingels; Al Williamson
Experience the classic art and storytelling from one of the most influential comics publishers off all time like never before from a number of the all-time greatest artists!The Best of EC Comics Artisan Edition collects 25 of the finest stories ever produced by the legendary comics company. Every page has been scanned from the original art in color—and while the art APPEARS to be in black and white, if you look closely, you will notice that blue pencil notations, ink gradients, corrections, duo-shade, and so much more is clearly visible—all the little nuances that makes original art so beautiful and unique. The stories in this volume truly represent the very best of what EC published—Wally Wood’s My World, Al Williamson’s Food for Thought, Alex Toth’s Thunderjet, Joe Orlando’s Judgment Day, Harvey Kurtzman’s Corpse on the Imjin, Bernie Krigstein’s Master Race, Jack Davis’ Foul Play, and so many more classics of the form—truly the cream of the crop, the best of the best. And in the groundbreaking Artist’s Edition style, readers will be able to experience them as never before! 

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