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IRONHEAT: THE SAGA OF RIRI WILLIAMS (W) Brian Michael Bendis (A) David Marquez; MIKE DEODATO JR The rise of Riri Williams from genius student to armored superhero, written by comics legend Brian Michael BendisWhen tragedy befalls Tony Stark, a teen genius named Riri Williams develops her own invincible armor — and continues the heroic legacy of Iron Man! Riri may be destined to upgrade her tech and later join the Champions as Ironheart, but this is the shocking story of how her rise coincides with Stark’s fall! While Tony battles Madame Masque, fights alongside War Machine and Spider-Man, and deals with something rotten in the house of Stark, Riri forges her first armor and suits up — and her life will never be the same! As a revelation about Tony’s past sends him down a dark path and the events of CIVIL WAR II throw the Marvel Universe into turmoil, what exactly is Victor Von Doom up to amid the chaos? And can Riri survive her baptism of fire?COLLECTING: Invincible Iron (2015) 1-14

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