Minecraft: The Tournament (05/22/2024)

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Minecraft: The Tournament (W) DaVaun Sanders A father and son team up to compete in an epic Minecraft tournament in this official novel!It’s a dream come true. Every year, only twenty-four kids in the entire state are selected to show off their Minecraft skills in the Southwest Regional Tournament. And Jett Warner just got his invitation.Here’s the catch: Nobody knows the rules ahead of time. Will it be Survival? Creative? A speedrun? Or maybe PVP? The only thing Jett knows is that he’ll need a partner. And he’ll need to expect the unexpected—well, that and a totally sweet all-expenses-paid trip to a mountainside retreat for a week. The winner’s reward? Life-changing. The competition? The best of the best. The partner in his corner? His sister, Dri, a total Minecraft expert. Wait, scratch that—Dri has a fever, and now Jett is going to have to team up with . . . Dad?! Sure, he taught Jett how to play, but that was years ago. And while Jett’s got his eyes on the prize, Dad’s more eager to hike the trails. As the games begin, the rules are revealed, and the twists keep coming. If the Warners want a chance to win, they’ll need to step up and perform as a true team—before their opponents take it all. So sharpen those swords, light your torch, and get ready to play. The Tournament awaits!

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