Minor Threats: The Fastest Way Down #3 (CVR C) (Foil) (Scott Hepburn) (06/05/2024)

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Minor Threats: The Fastest Way Down #3 (CVR C) (Foil) (Scott Hepburn) (W) Patton Oswalt; Jordan Blum (A) Scott Hepburn (CA) Scott Hepburn (C) Ian Herring Loretta Follis has been a mother, a grandmother and an infamous supercrook named Toy Queen... but tonight she's become a target. When a group of ruthless teen heroes come to her apartment complex to capture her as bait for her daughter Frankie, Loretta decides to pick up her Jack-in-the-Box gun for one last fight. It's octogenarian supervillain vs tween sidekick psychopaths in brutal winner takes all. The body count will rise in a story we call “Last Stand at La Leyenda.”

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