GENERATION ONE (05/27/2020)

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The march toward DC's future begins here! By an all-star team of writers and artists! In May- DC launches a series of special one-shots that detail the history of the DC Universe starting with the debut of Wonder Woman- DC's first superhero- and leading all the way to a bold new era unlike anything you've seen before. before. It starts on Free Comic Book Day with Generation Zero- and continues in May with Generation One-with each subsequent month seeing a new one-shot spotlighting the next generation of DC's super-heroic legacy. The secret history of the DC Universe unfolds before us as seen through the eyes of Wonder Woman- Lucius Fox- King Faraday- and more! What is the previously undocumented 'big bang' of the heroic age? What was the real reason behind the Justice Society's retirement? Which hero of the Golden Age makes a shocking transformation into its greatest villain? The answers set up the boldest DC storylines ever told in this- the first of five one-shot issues that chronicle the history of the DC Universe and lays the groundwork for excitement yet to come!

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