DOCTOR DOOM #7 (04/01/2020) (09/23/2020)




(W) Cantwell, Christopher (A) Larroca, Salvador (C) Larroca, Salvador
StockID: 142691 Diamond#: FEB200970

Doctor Doom returns to Latveria- out for revenge on those who stole his throne away from him. With the help of his remaining allies and one of the most powerful weapons in the universe- he'll work to expose and destroy the conspirators working against him. But the black hole on the moon is growing critical- and Doom's brilliant mind may be the only one that can stop catastrophe that will wreak havoc throughout the entire solar system. Still- Doom isn't one to just offer a friendly hand... If the people of Earth want his help- he's going to make them beg for it. Rated T+

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