X-MEN MARVELS SNAPSHOT #1 (04/29/2020)

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The Marvels Snapshot tour through Marvel history continues- showcasing Marvel's greatest characters through the eyes of ordinary people! Or does it? In this case- the 'ordinary person' is teenaged Scott Summers- witnessing the dawn of the Marvel Age from a Nebraska orphanage and wondering what his place in it might be. What was it like to experience the debut of the FF- the Hulk- Iron Man and more? To wish you could be a part of it all? Writer Jay Edidin (Thor: Metal Gods- Jay & Miles X-Plain the X-Men) makes his Marvel comics debut- teamed with Tom Reilly (Immortal Hulk)- to tell a story of upheaval and decision that would shape the X-Men (and the Marvel Universe) forever after. Rated T+

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