INVADER ZIM #46 CVR A C (C: 1-0-0) (08/21/2019)

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When ZIM and Dib receive the same Irken distress signal from the stormiest place on Earth-Pandora's Quadrangle-they both race to answer it. But the horrible surprise at the Quadrangle's core will lead them both (and GIR! Don't forget GIR!) to a far corner of the universe- and a world where neither of them are welcome. Part one of a four-part story! STREET DATES, PRICES, AND ART ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE BY PUBLISHERS
We guarantee 9.2+ condition of book unless otherwise stated We can not guarantee 9.8 grades on raw books

INVADER ZIM #46 CVR A C (C: 1-0-0)
(W) Logan, Sam (A) C., Maddie (C) C., Maddie
StockID: 118215 Diamond#: JUN191848

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