LOVE SHE OFFERED #1 (07/31/2019)




(W) Moane, Glenn (A) Llaneta, Tirso
StockID: 114985 Diamond#: MAY191909

Six weeks ago- Brian Thompson's daughter Julia was murdered- stabbed several times with a knife and left for dead right outside her home. The police questioned her ex-boyfriend Sean- but he was never charged. Brian- however- is convinced that Sean is the killer. He knows it. And he wants justice for his daughter. Together with his brother Earl and his best friend Ross- Brian comes up with a plan. They kidnap Sean and bring him to a remote cabin. Their goal: To make Sean confess his crime. Everything goes to hell from there...

*All street dates and art are subject to change by publishers We guarantee 9.2+ condition of book unless otherwise stated We can not guarantee 9.8 grades on raw books

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