VAMPIRELLA #1 1969 REPLICA ED (07/17/2019)

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(W) Ackerman, Forrest J. (A) Various, (C) Frazetta, Frank
StockID: 114255 Diamond#: MAY191179

Dynamite Superstar Vampirella got her start in 1969 as a Horror comic 'hostess-' and she's gone through 50 years of story evolution since to become the iconic character that we all know and love! While we're celebrating her illustrious career- we're also taking a look back at where this blood-sucking babe got her start! This Limited Replica Edition of Vampirella #1 is exactly what it says on the tin- a magazine-sized- 66-Page celebration of the Daugher of Draculon's first time in print! This special reprint includes every story and even advertisements exactly as they looked half a century ago! Warren's sharp-eyed editors assembled the best talents across the world to write and draw timeless stories. This first issue features a diverse range of masters- including Neal Adams (Batman- Green Lantern)- Reed Crandall (Blackhawk- EC Comics)- longtime Jack Kirby inker Mike Royer- and other greats such as Tom Sutton- Ernie Colon and Tony Tallarico. All under an unforgettable cover by Frank Frazetta. Check out the Vampirella Archive HC series for more Warren-Era Vampirella!

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