Survival in Another World with My Mistress! (Manga) Vol. 6 TPB Explicit Content (08/28/2024)

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Survival in Another World with My Mistress! (Manga) Vol. 6 (W) Ryuto (A) SASAYUKi (CT) Yappen IRA'S GOTTA HAVE IT!Thanks to Ira's genius intellect, a new technology beyond even Kousuke's crafting powers—a golem communication device—is speedily completed! After hours of close cooperation and tinkering together, Kousuke and Ira grow comfortably closer. As the party heads toward the temporary base to test the golem com device, thousands of enemy troops muster nearby, ready to invade! Will Kousuke be able to repulse the enemy force, or will he need to call upon the golems, and Ira, for help?! Explicit Content

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