How My Daddies Became Mates Vol. 1 TR Explicit Content (09/25/2024)

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How My Daddies Became Mates Vol. 1 (W) Mikkamita Sparks and fists fly in this Boys' Love omegaverse spin on the “how I met your father” trope!As teenagers, Kuroga Akane and Shirosaki Aoi couldn’t have been more different. An alpha and an omega from rival schools, their initial meeting wasn’t exactly love at first sight. In fact, it was downright brutal! Fast forward to adulthood, and not only are they mated and married, but they even have an adorable daughter! How did these former delinquents go from wanting to beat each other to a pulp to falling in love?! Recommended for Mature Audiences. Explicit Content

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