The Ministry of Compliance, Vol. 1 TR Mature (08/21/2024)

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The Ministry of Compliance, Vol. 1 (W) John Ridley (A) Stefano Raffaele The Devolution’s invasion of Earth will be thwarted by coups and conspiracy unless Avigail can unite her extraterrestrial brethren. Comics’ next sci-fi epic begins in this oversized series from John Ridley.Thirty-seven years ago, Earth was secretly invaded by an alien force known as the Devolution, and they’ve been shaping the direction of humanity ever since. Why? To prepare us to be assimilated into their empire…The Devolution has 13 ministries, each responsible for manipulating a different aspect of human life. The Ministry of Compliance, the most feared of all the ministries, led by the fierce Avigail Senna, keeps every ministry in line and focused on the empire’s mission. Just as their mission is on the verge of success and Earth is about to be assimilated, the empire suffers a horrific blow.For the survival of her people and herself, Avigail must rally the ministries together. A feat made near impossible as tensions and conspiracies run rampant.Eisner Award–nominated filmmaker and critically acclaimed comic book writer John Ridley (The Other History of the DC Universe, I Am Batman) and acclaimed artist Stefano Rafael (The Joker, GCPD: The Blue Wall) deliver a bold, new vision of science fiction with MINISTRY OF COMPLIANCE. Mature

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