Dragons of Eternity HC (08/07/2024)

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Dragons of Eternity (W) Margaret Weis; Tracy Hickman An intrepid woman and her friends have inadvertently altered the future of their world—now they must try to restore time in this thrilling conclusion to the New York Times bestselling Dragonlance series.When Destina Rosethorn and her companions were transported to a time centuries before their birth—to the days of the Third Dragon War—the Graygem of Gargath brought chaos to the battlefield and changed the course of history. Upon returning to the Inn of the Last Home, where their journey began, Destina’s party discovered a world completely changed. The forces of evil now hold sway over their land. The River of Time is rising, flowing inexorably toward the present day. Destina and her friends must make one last, desperate attempt to restore time’s river to its proper channel. If they do not succeed, the altered past will sweep over the present until no trace of their old world remains.

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