Kaina of the Great Snow Sea 2 TR (08/07/2024)

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Kaina of the Great Snow Sea 2 (W) Tsutomu Nihei (A) Itoe Takemoto SF/Fantasy visionary Tsutomu Nihei's most accessible and exciting series yet! With a strong influence from classics like Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind and Castle in the Sky, Kaina tells the story of two worlds - above and below, both of which look to one another for salvation. Part of coming-of-age, part adventure, part high fantasy, this is bound to be a classic. Nihei's character designs are brought to vivid and engaging life by Itoe Takemoto (known for series including The Beast Player). With a very well-received anime adaptation currently on Crunchyroll, Kaina of the Great Snow Sea is perfectly set up to be a smash hit.To help Ririha return to her homeland, Kaina resolves to leave the canopy and descend to the snow sea. The trip will be a dangerous one, and once they leave they can never return. But what fate awaits them at the base of the great orbital spire tree—?!Two young people set out on a journey to change the fate of a dying world! Rated T

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