Wandance 10 TRMR (08/14/2024)

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Wandance 10 (W) Coffee A boy named Kaboku sees a girl named Wanda dance, and suddenly burns with a need to join in. With its thrilling scenes of Japanese hip-hop dance and quirky, charming characters, this is a new, inspirational manga for fans of coming-of-age stories like Blue Period and Your Lie in April. Get up and join the Wandance!Kabo and Kabe face down Zara for victory in their battle competition. They both dig deep, but do they have what it takes to come out on top? Then, with the battle and the showcase over, Kabo’s attention shifts to the Dance Arena contest, where Ichirin will have another chance at making their mark on the national stage--but only if they can get through the regional prelims first.It’s almost time to pick the team for the Dance Arena contest, but Kabo finds his heart is elsewhere. He ruminates on a surprising suggestion from Iori, but even as Kabo tries to figure out what he really wants from dance, the qualifying round draws closer, and he might not have time to polish his routine--even if he realizes he’d like to be a part of it. Ichirin isn’t the only school with their eye on this contest, either--formidable dancers from around the country are getting ready for a showdown that might just propel some of them to new heights!­­­ Rated T

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