My Isekai Life 14 TRMR (08/14/2024)

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My Isekai Life 14 (W) Shinkoshoto; Ponjea (Friendly Land) (A) Huuka Kazabana In this manga adaptation of the popular web novel series, an overworked wage slave finds himself transported to a fantasy world where he quickly becomes the strongest sage in the world...thanks to the help of an army of tamed Slimes!Yuji Sano was a normal guy working a soul-sucking nine-to-five job when he suddenly found himself transported to a fantasy world where he restarted his life as a Monster Tamer. After befriending the Slimes, Yuji is quickly able to gain a second character class, ranking up his stats and learning new skills as he encounters one surprise after another.Yuji begins investigating a brand-new type of threat that lurks on Evildominus Island, a dangerous place renowned for the precious resource Mother Earth’s Tears. Yuji and his team of tamed monsters are able to secure several cursed specimens using a combination of ice magic and unlimited Slime storage. As they continue their search, they stumble on an unexpected surprise deep within the island... Rated T

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