Space Junk TR Mature (08/21/2024)

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Space Junk (W) Julian Hanshaw In the shattered remnants of a doomed planet, the last shuttles are leaving soon… So why do these misfits want to stay behind?Faith has a metallic mystery bolted to her head. Hoshi keeps his rage in check with an emotional support chicken. On a dying world where most adults have already left and the remaining kids are training for their turn, these two are starting to wonder “what’s the point?” Gradually, a cluster of lonely souls who’ve spent their lives emotionally adrift are pulled into one another’s orbits as they try to stay in place in a universe that is moving all too quickly. With Space Junk, the startling imagination of award-winning graphic novelist Julian Hanshaw explores profound questions of past and future, trauma and recovery, staying grounded and taking flight. Mature

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