Louder Than Words, Actions Speak (07/17/2024)

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Louder Than Words, Actions Speak (W) Sergio Aragonés (A) Sergio Aragonés Comics legend Sergio Aragonés delivers the finest in visual humor!The master of pantomime-on-paper and one of the most beloved cartoonists in the world presents the Louder Than Words, Actions Speak collection—a journey into the best gag strips of the previous and current century!Over 300 pages of comics from a true master of sequential humor! In the playful, energetic style that made Sergio famous and MAD Magazine funny, this collection is a must-have for anyone who has ever even chuckled! Sergio Aragonés proves time and time again that a picture may paint a thousand words, but one well-delivered gag is good for a million laughs! Includes a 24-page color section!Collects Louder Than Words comics 1 to 6 and Actions Speak comics 1 to 6.

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