Trigun Maximum Deluxe Edition Volume 1 HCMR (09/04/2024)

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Trigun Maximum Deluxe Edition Volume 1 (W) Yasuhiro Nightow (A) Yasuhiro Nightow (CT) Justin Burns **Not final cover**Yasuhiro’s Nightow’s Trigun is an international hit, and Trigun Maximum Deluxe Edition Volume 1 collects the first three Trigun Maximum volumes in a deluxe hardcover featuring nearly 600 pages of Nightow’s signature creation in the original oversized format!Vash the Stampede, the galaxy’s deadliest gunslinger, emerges from two years in hiding to help his beleaguered desert homeworld, Gunsmoke. But the Stampede’s many enemies have kept their motors running, and they’re back on his trail and determined to bring Vash to ground—hard! And a new crowd of bounty hunters, badasses, and braincases are also looking to cash in the sixty-billion double-dollar price tag on his head!This Deluxe Edition features:The original 7" X 10" page format.Faux leather cover with foil stamping and burnishing.A bookmark ribbon.Collects Trigun Maximum volumes 1, 2, and 3 Kids to Adults

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