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WEREWOLF BY NIGHT: UNHOLY ALLIANCE (W) Derek Landy; Marvel Various (A) Fran Galan; Marvel Various (CA) David Yardin Creepy tales featuring everybody’s favorite lycanthrope, Werewolf by Night, and more of Marvel’s greatest heroes!In the black-and-white of night, Jack Russell races to halt the sacrifice of a young girl at the hands of monsters. Elsa Bloodstone, in all her colorful monster-hunting glory, isn’t far behind. But can these old flames put their differences aside long enough to save the day? Speaking of differences, Jack and Moon Knight have clashed before — and a prophecy in the terrifying tome known as the Darkhold will put them at odds once again! To kill a god requires the blood of the Fist of Khonshu — but Moon Knight doesn’t bleed easily! Plus: What horrors await the Werewolf, Elsa, Man-Thing, the Living Mummy and unlikely allies Daredevil, Deadpool, the Human Torch and the Hulk…when Doctor Strange’s spectral brother opens the Crypt of Shadows?COLLECTING: Werewolf by Night (2023) 1, Moon Knight Annual (2022) 1, Crypt of Shadows (2022) 1, Crypt of Shadows (2023) 1 Rated T+

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