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FANTASTIC FOUR EPIC COLLECTION: COUNTER-EARTH MUST DIE (W) Roy Thomas (A) Marvel Various; George Perez; Marvel Various (CA) Jack Kirby Collecting a fan-favorite era for Marvel’s First Family, the Fantastic Four!Writers Roy Thomas and Len Wein, the artist brothers Buscema and breakout talent George Pérez are here to bring you some of the greatest Fantastic Four tales of the 1970s! The Thing cured! Luke Cage joins the team! Hulk vs. the Thing…and both of them vs. the FF! Galactus vs. the High Evolutionary! They’re edge-of-your-seat adventures that prove why FANTASTIC FOUR is “The World’s Greatest Comic Magazine!” Then, Reed Richards is replaced by his evil Counter-Earth counterpart! It’s a saga so massive in scope that Thundra, Tigra, the Mad Thinker and Annihilus are pulled into it, while Reed battles for his life in the Negative Zone. Afterwards, with little time to rest, our heroes must battle through a series of struggles that could tear them apart forever!COLLECTING: Fantastic Four (1961) 168-191, Fantastic Four Annual (1963) 11, Marvel Two-in-One (1974) 20, Marvel Two-in-One Annual (1976) 1, material from Marvel Treasury Edition (1974) 11 Rated T

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