My Little Pony: Set Your Sail #5 Cover A (Ganucheau) CB (08/28/2024)

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My Little Pony: Set Your Sail #5 Cover A (Ganucheau)
(W) Megan Brown; Casey Gilly (A) Amy Mebberson (CA) Paulina Ganucheau
LAND HO! Er...THE END OF THE SERIES HO! When Pipp and Izzy set sail for their underwater adventure, they hoped for smooth waters, but the seven seas are falling apart! Queen Calla Lily has been hoarding stolen power, and until the seven anchors are returned to their rightful kingdoms, all ponykind, under the sea and on land, is at risk. Luckily, a swashbuckling crew of pirates have recruited Princess Pipp and her besties to save everypony. With the Mane Six at the helm, nothing can stand in their way!

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