ABSOLUTE POWER #2 (OF 4) CVR A DAN MORA (08/07/2024)

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Mark Waid Dan Mora Dan Mora
SIEGE OF THE FORTRESS OF SOLITUDE! In the aftermath of Amanda Waller's total victory, the metahumans of the DC universe have been depowered, scattered to the wind, and are reeling from critical defeat across the planet. But the resistance lives on. Any heroes not rounded up by the TRINITY OF EVIL have rendezvoused at Superman's Fortress of Solitude...but even this sanctuary of peace and hope is not safe from Waller's blitzkrieg. The precog known as Dreamer has pointed Waller's weapons to the frozen tundra where our heroes lick their wounds...and the shocker general leading Waller's charge to raze the fortress to the ground will leave you breathless. It's underdog versus complete global domination in this epic second installment of the ABSOLUTE POWER saga!
Absolute Power

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