Midst: The Valorous Farmer (CVR A) (Will Kirkby) CB (09/11/2024)

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Midst: The Valorous Farmer (CVR A) (Will Kirkby) (W) Jasmine Walls (A) Aviv Or (CA) Will Kirkby (C) Quinton Winter In the Un, the Trust can make or break you….   For years Hildebrand has run the family farm alone, with only their reliable old truck, a few far-off neighbors, and their own common sense to rely on. When they’re hit by a series of disasters, they must take desperate measures to keep the farm going. But the source of those disasters isn’t done with Hildebrand, even as their life starts unraveling….    Indulge in a timely and lusciously rendered story from the cosmos of Midst! Featuring writing by Jasmine Walls, art by Aviv Or, and colors by Quinton Winter, with direction by Third Person and Critical Role. Rated T+

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