Get Ready to Boogie Down with Disco Dazzler Variant Covers!

This August, Marvel Comics is turning up the volume with a dazzling array of Disco Dazzler variant covers to celebrate the launch of Dazzler's new solo series! Get ready to groove with your favorite heroes as they hit the dance floor in style.

A Disco Inferno of Covers!

Over 21 covers featuring top industry artists will showcase the Avengers, X-Men, Spider-Man, and more in their grooviest '70s-inspired outfits. Think platform shoes, polyester suits, and of course, roller skates! These covers are a dazzling tribute to Dazzler's iconic disco origins and a perfect way to get pumped for her new era.

Dazzler's Solo Series Spotlight

The Disco Dazzler variants are a prelude to Dazzler's highly anticipated four-issue limited series. Written by Jason Loo and illustrated by Rafael Loureiro, the series follows Dazzler as she embarks on a world tour that celebrates her entire musical career. But with her mutant celebrity status and a sudden attack, the tour may not go as smoothly as planned...

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Release Schedule:

  • August 7th: Avengers #17, Daredevil #12, Deadpool #5, Doctor Strange #18, Fantastic Four #23, Incredible Hulk #15, Uncanny X-Men #1
  • August 14th: Amazing Spider-Man #55, Immortal Thor #14, Miles Morales: Spider-Man #23, Vengeance of the Moon Knight #8, Venom #36, Werewolf by Night: Red Band #1, X-Factor #1, X-Men #2
  • August 21st: Incredible Hulk #16, Scarlet Witch #3
  • August 28th: Amazing Spider-Man #56, Captain America #12, X-Force #2
  • September 11th: Avengers Assemble #1

Get ready to boogie with Dazzler and the rest of the Marvel Universe! 🕺💃

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