Darth Maul Unleashes Red-Hot Rage in Black, White & Blood!
Prepare for a crimson tide of carnage, Star Wars fans, because Darth Maul is back and he's meaner than a Rancor with a dental appointment! Buckle up for STAR WARS: DARTH MAUL – BLACK, WHITE & RED, a four-issue miniseries that'll paint the galaxy with the blood of Maul's enemies (and maybe even a few allies... who cares, right?).

This ain't your grandpa's Star Wars comic. We're ditching the cutesy Jawas and Ewoks for a blood-soaked thrill ride through the darkest corners of Maul's twisted psyche. Writer Benjamin Percy (Wolverine, Ghost Rider) and artist Stefano Raffaele (Moon Knight: Black, White & Blood, Darth Vader: Black, White & Red) are teaming up to deliver a symphony of violence that'll make John Wick blush.

Forget trilogies, each issue of this series is a standalone blockbuster, bursting with enough Sith rage to fuel a lightsaber for a millennium. And the first arc? "The Final Occultation" – sounds ominous, right? Maul stumbles upon a prison ship carrying a cargo of pure nightmare fuel, and it's up to him to clean up the mess (with his lightsaber, of course). Think John Wick meets Event Horizon, but with way more double-bladed fury.

"The silent assassin has a busy inner world," Percy teases. "He is loyal to Palpatine, but that does not make him a puppet or a tool. He is willing to make his own decisions—ones that could shake the very fabric of the galaxy—as is the case in this chiller and thriller of a story."

Editor Mark Paniccia echoes the sentiment: "Darth Vader: Black, White & Red was a huge success, and fans clamored for Darth Maul next. Ben and Stefano have cooked up a story filled with horrors you've never seen before in a Star Wars tale."

So, if you're tired of teddy bears and podraces, and crave a Star Wars story that'll leave you breathless and slightly disturbed, then STAR WARS: DARTH MAUL – BLACK, WHITE & RED is your new fix. Hitting stands in April, this comic is gonna be hotter than Tatooine in August. 

And don't forget:

  • Visit StarWars.com for more insights from Percy on the upcoming series.
  • Pre-order your physical copy online at UnknownComicBooks.com
  • Unknown Comics does have a Exclusive coming!  Be on the look our for more news about that. 

May the dark side be with you... especially when you're reading this comic. Just don't tell Yoda we said that.

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