Get Your Gear Ready, True Believers! Unknown Comics Drops Epic Exclusive Variants Next Week!

Get Your Gear Ready, True Believers! Unknown Comics Drops Epic Exclusive Variants Next Week!

Calling all comic book collectors and Marvel fanatics! Brace yourselves for an exclusive comic avalanche, courtesy of Unknown Comics! Starting February 12th, three incredible variants, featuring your favorite web-slingers and mutants, will hit the shelves, each boasting artwork so stunning, they'll leave you breathless. But mark your calendars and plan your attack strategies early, because these limited-edition gems are sure to vanish faster than Spider-Man on a pizza run!

Monday, Feb 12th: Ultimate Spider-Man #3 - Swing into Action with Gabriele Dell'Otto's Electrifying Cover!

Kicking off the week with a bang is the highly anticipated Ultimate Spider-Man #3, featuring an exclusive cover by none other than the industry-acclaimed artist, Gabriele Dell'Otto. Known for his dynamic lines and expressive characters, Dell'Otto brings his signature magic to our beloved Spidey, capturing him in a pose that embodies the very essence of youthful exuberance and superheroic responsibility. Whether he's scaling skyscrapers or delivering witty quips, this cover promises to be a must-have for any Ultimate Spider-Man fan.

Wednesday, Feb 14th: Wolverine #45 - Unleash the Fury with Kaare Andrews' Epic Battle Scene!

Get ready for claws to clash and sparks to fly on February 14th with Wolverine #45! This exclusive variant, masterfully illustrated by the legendary Kaare Andrews, showcases the eternal rivalry between Wolverine and his arch-nemesis, Sabertooth. Prepare to witness a ferocious battle royale as these two adamantium-laced icons unleash their primal rage in a fight for dominance. Andrews' dynamic composition and gritty style promise to deliver a cover that's both thrilling and visually captivating, making it a true collector's item for any Wolverine enthusiast.

Friday, Feb 16th: Amazing Spider-Man #46 - Spidey Gets a Gwen Stacy Makeover with @leirix's Cosplay Cover!

Ending the week on a fun and lighthearted note is Amazing Spider-Man #46! This exclusive variant, brought to life by the talented @leirix, takes a playful approach, featuring the ever-popular Gwen Stacy, not as her usual self, but as the amazing Spider-Man! Cosplaying in the iconic red and blue suit, Gwen strikes a confident pose, reminding us that anyone can rise to the occasion and embrace the hero within. @leirix's vibrant colors and expressive style capture the essence of both characters, making this cover a unique and charming addition to any Spider-Man collection.

Don't Miss Out! Mark Your Calendars and Plan Your Strategy!

With such incredible artwork and limited availability, these exclusive variants are sure to be hotly contested. So, mark your calendars, set your alarms, and prepare to unleash your inner comic book collector! Whether you're a die-hard Spider-Man fan, a Wolverine loyalist, or simply appreciate stunning artwork, Unknown Comics has something for everyone next week. Visit their website or app on the respective release dates to secure your copies before they're gone!

And don't forget to share your excitement and anticipation on social media using the hashtag #UnknownComicsExclusives! Let's celebrate these amazing variants and the artists who brought them to life!

Remember, true believers, with great exclusive covers comes great responsibility... the responsibility to add them to your collection!


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