MAGIC LIVE - Strixhaven Set PYC Group (Three Spots to Break)


Spot: Spot 1 - White


Three more purchased spots remaining to set Break Date:
Six Spot Group Break - Pick Your Color
  • Spot 1 - White ($25.99)
  • Spot 2 - Blue ($25.99)
  • Spot 3 - Black ($25.99)
  • Spot 4 - Red ($25.99)
  • Spot 5 - Green ($25.99)
  • Spot 6 - Colorless/Non-Basic Lands ($14.99)

Basic Lands will be divided in the respective mono-colored spots

Multi-Colored (Gold and MDFC) will be evenly divided amongst mono-color spots using the following method:
  • Spots 1-5 will be randomly ordered before the box is opened
  • When a multi-colored card is pulled, regardless of how many different color identities that card has, it is given to the top-most mono-color spot with a matching identity.
  • The mono-colored spot that received the card will then move to the very bottom of the list, pushing all other spots up.
If you purchase multiple spots (can be across multiple boxes) you can use the following discount codes at checkout:
MTGBREAK5 - 5% off 2 spots
MTGBREAK10 - 10% off 3 spots
MTGBREAK15 - 15% off 4 spots
MTGBREAK20 - 20% off 5+ spots

Break will happen live at once date is set.

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