X-MEN GOLD #1: Spoiler Warning

X-men Gold #1: spoiler warning

X-men Gold is a new story from Marvel featuring some of everyone's favorite mutant heros. The gold team includes the mutants: Kitty Pryde(also the leader), Colossus, Storm, Nightcrawler, Prestige, and Old man Logan. This team features some of the powerhouse mutants that the X-men have to offer and it was great to see this group come together. The issue starts off with the group all in an action pose about to dish out some justice to Terrax.

The next couple of pages feature the great teamwork and communication that the team has in dealing with Terrax. The group upon finishing the fight find an “adoring” crowd watching upon them. We have some dialogue from Kitty trying to explain to the crowd that there is no reason for the public to hate the mutants and that they are heros nonetheless. The issue then takes us to Xavier's school where we find all the mutants hanging out playing some baseball. We then find that with the school being teleported to central park how the bills have racked up, this worries Kitty as she is just trying to make the best for the mutants. It is here that we start to see how being the leader of the X-men has stressed her out. We get some more dialogue about how the X-men are struggling in the public’s eyes especially after their war with the Inhumans. We see some of the X-men training and then see Kitty sitting at her desk. Peter comes in to talk to her and we see the relationship that the two have together, and more than just friends too. In the middle of the conversation the two get interrupted and get told that someone is attacking the city, we the see the team set out to fight the baddies. In this case the baddies is none other than the brotherhood of evil mutants.

Rating : 8/10 great setup for a story, saw some cool action. Artwork was very well done by Ardian Syaf, but after the controversy over some hidden meanings that he hid within the art he will not be returning to do the artwork for any other Marvel work.