X-MEN BLUE #1: Spoiler Warning

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X-MEN BLUE #1: Spoiler Warning

X-men blue feature some X-men favorites: Jean Grey(Marvel Girl), Cyclops, Angel, Beast, and Iceman. On the front page we get this note(paraphrased): Hank Mccoy otherwise known as beast feared that a war among the mutant kind was on the horizon he sent forward in time the original x-men. Now they are stuck here in our timeline hoping to show the world the heros they are meant to be.

We start from the start of the issue with the team led by Jean Grey going to investigate a yacht that seems abandoned. Once on the vessel the team quickly finds life and that Black Tom Cassidy is holding up the tenants for their money. The team quickly takes care of the perp but then discover the unstoppable force that is Juggernaught. The team struggles finding a way to stop the unstoppable, we see the team come up with ideas and even come close to stopping Juggernaut. The only way the team was able to stop him was Beast using a spell to teleport him away. We then see the team realize that the vessel is in the process at sinking to which Marvel Girl uses her telekinetic powers to keep the vessel afloat. The team then heads to Madripoor where we then learn who the true leader is, Magneto. This came as a shock as Magneto was behind the team going to help the people stuck on the yacht and even the artist stuck in “master of magnetism, the X-mens oldest enemy”. The page then has a to be continued at the bottom of the page, with the next page being a meanwhile. The story then takes us to a small town where we see the sheriff and a bunch of civilians trying to find some sort of monster that has come through town. The monster takes out a few of the men then we see a mysterious stranger approach and then comes three claws out of his knuckles. The two fight and then we see the mysterious stranger tell the sheriff to run as they continue to fight with a “not the end” tagged at the bottom of the page. Could this be the return of the Wolverine?

rating : 7/10 story was great and was fun to see a younger team opposite the more experienced X-men gold team but a great setup for a new story


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