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Marvel Comics

Author: Mike Costa 

Artist: Gerardo Sandoval


     Picking this book for my first review was the best idea I could have had.  This new Venom was fast and interesting.  I am very excited to see where it will go. The symbiote is tired of being alone and is looking for a new host.  Because of the symbiote's time with its former host Flash Thompson it wants to be good. 

     We get to dive a little bit into the new host's past.  A dark past filled with abuse, hatred and most important anger.  Lee, a former Army Ranger,  gave the symbiote hope at first that he would be more like his former host Flash only to find out the he was very wrong.  It seems at this point though, the new host Lee has all control.  

    Mike Costa did a great job keeping the story moving without any hesitation.  He has been involved in other spidey stories like 2014's Scarlet Spiders and more recently WEB-WARRIORS.  I enjoyed every bit of the story.  

    Artist Gerardo Sandoval did an amazing job!  I absolutely loved the way the new Venom looked.  Big and scary just like he should.

    You can get your copy of Venom #1 right now on our website.  The second issue drops in store and online at December 21, 2016. 







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